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The Perfect Designer

One or two designers with expertise in your niche will be assigned on your project

Designing Process

The designer(s) are already mapping out a strategy and sketching out your first logo

Your first view

It's here you can now take a look at your new logo. Exactly as you pictured it? We're done!


Anything else you would like changed? A shape, the colors, different styles.

Find your perfect designer from Fiverr below.
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100% Custom-Tailored Distinctive Logos
⦾ Multiple concepts delivered
⦾ Round The Clock Assistance
⦾ Logo Transparency
⦾ 100% Proprietorship Rights
⦾ Source File
⦾ 3D Mockup

You will get your first logo preview within 24 hours from your order.

After placing your order, we will contact you via email to confirm your order. During the design phase we will present you with your custom logo variations.

Depending on your preferences we can send these via email, WhatsApp or our CRM system. Once we agree on a design variation, we proceed to finalize it then deliver the source files and transfer full ownership to you.

Providing we will have a minimum satisfactory logo to work with, we will always offer design revisions until our customer is satisfied and we reach a final logo version. In the event we are not able to reach a satisfactory result, a full refund will be provided.

This refund policy applies to orders made directly from our website. Orders placed with sellers from Fiverr are subject to different policies. 

We accept PayPal, Credit Card and Bank transfers.

This is not a barrier for us. Design like music, is universal. As long as we have your input, be it in French, German, Spanish. We can deal with it and do research to achieve a great result.

Need a different service?

A professional logo is a great way to start a new business. However, more services are needed to properly launch your brand.



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